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Rovio's Amazing Alex arrives this week


Rovio has obviously had a ton of success (the most success on the App Store, arguably) with Angry Birds, but the company hasn't done much outside of that brand since it launched. That's all going to change later on this week, when Amazing Alex arrives as the first non-Angry Birds followup from the Finnish game developer.

We'll get to find out just how much of Amazing Alex is actually original. The game was released on the App Store last year as Casey's Contraptions, a game which Rovio purchased whole hog from its creators. Casey's Contraptions offered up a lot of Rube Goldberg-esque fun, as well as a deep and powerful level creation and sharing system, so we'll see just how much of that Rovio kept, and what the company developed for themselves.

Amazing Alex should be out this Thursday on the App Store, and you can see a launch trailer below.

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