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Woz wants a Surface


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke at a recent conference in Chile, and perhaps the most interesting thing he said was that he is looking forward to Microsoft's new Surface tablet. Yes, there's something about Microsoft's consumer-focused attempt at making a tablet computer (maybe the case with a keyboard or the built-in stand) that has caught Woz's eye. And he says that not only do Microsoft's latest offerings "have such a strikingly good visual appearance," but Woz also joked that maybe "Steve Jobs came back reincarnated at Microsoft."

We don't know about that one, but obviously Woz was joking around. And the fact that Woz wants a device that seems aimed at directly competing with Apple isn't new at all -- even when the iPhone was brand new, Woz was happy to carry around at least three iPhones and a few smartphones besides. What can we say -- the guy likes the latest and greatest tech, no matter who's making it. As he says, "I prefer to judge things I really know and not just what I've read about."

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