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Primal Carnage asks how you like your dinosaur cooked


Primal Carnage isn't just another class-based shooter about gunning down dinosaurs with high-powered weapons. Primal Carnage is about setting dinosaurs on fire with a massive flamethrower, blowing them up with grenades and sometimes putting a chainsaw to a velociraptor's neck, as the above video shows.

Primal Carnage is a class-based online multiplayer game where players embody both humans and dinosaurs. The human mercenary classes include the scientist (sniper), pathfinder (scout), commando (heavy), trapper (engineer) and pyro (pyro). The dinosaurs range from T-rexes to the flying Pteranodon, each with their own specialties. Humans are played from a first-person perspective, while dinos are third-person.

Primal Carnage is set to launch on PC later this year. It comes from Reverb Publishing and developer Lukewarm Media, an up-and-coming independent studio behind the Crysis mod Light Spire: Fortune's Web.

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