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Q2 and Q4 Xbee controllers have the gimbals to handle your most unwieldy robotics projects

Sarah Silbert

Yes, we've seen an XBee radio interface with RC robots before, but Quantum Robotics' open-source Xbee handheld controllers have enough gimbals, push buttons and toggle switches to leave us starry-eyed. The Q2 and Q4, both open for funding on Kickstarter, use a XBee wireless transceiver to transfer data and a Parallex Propeller to act as the main processor, and both models put most controllers to shame with a ton of options. While the Q4 uses four PlayStation-style joysticks, the Q2 sports two RC gimbals, and both can be modified to add extra functionality based on the project at hand. Clearly, the more complicated the robot, the more fun these controllers are -- take a look at the Q4 interacting with a hexapod and a robotic arm in the video below.

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