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Where in Warcraft: The difficult balance edition


It is a difficult balance, you know, writing a guessing game like this. It's a bit like the difficult balance facing developers of computer games. You don't want to make a challenge so utterly impossible that the majority of people feel excluded, but neither do you want to make it so easy that everyone guesses it within a few seconds! But who am I kidding -- I'm not Blizzard!

I am, however, impressed with your speed and accuracy in guessing the last Where in Warcraft installment. DavidSikes, almost to my annoyance, had it within moments of posting! Good job, DavidSikes. You win a cave near Ahn'Qiraj and the respect of the girl who writes this feature. (The last one is a rather dubious reward, let me tell you.)

Anyhow, as the Foo Fighters sang in All My Life, on, on, on to the next one. The above screenshot was kindly submitted by Trakand of The Maelstrom (EU). Thanks very much, Trakand. And before you yell "faction bias," this scene is out in the world for anyone to find. And that's all I'm saying about it. Or it'll be guessed in all of three seconds again.

So you know the rules: I have to be able to find my way to this location with your instructions. I'm also adding a new rule to avoid situations like we had a while ago: Your guess has to be in a new post, not a reply to another post. Otherwise, it's impossible for me to know who guessed first! That leads to unfair decisions, and nobody likes those.

In other news, in England, Where's Waldo? is called Where's Wally?

There's so much in Azeroth (and Outland!) just waiting to be found. Tip us off. If you've found a fabulously quirky landmark, hidden treasure, or special hideaway somewhere in Warcraft, drop me a line at with your screenshot. You could be featured in a future edition of Where in Warcraft!

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