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Savi People app brings 'smarter' contacts to iPhone, integrates with your favorite social networks


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If you haven't been completely content with the stock Contacts app on your renowned Cupertino handset, and were wishing there was a little more to squeeze out of it -- there might just be something in the App Store waiting to meet your needs. Enter Savi People. The 99-cent application essentially brings all your address book connections into one hub, but what separates it from the Contacts you've come to know is its integration with most of your preferred social networks -- you know, the likes of Twitter, Facebook and, with the latest update, Instagram. Assuming you give Savi People the credentials to get into your accounts, you'll be tweeting, sending direct messages and posting on people's walls in no time directly from the app. You can grab Savi People for a little less than a dollar right now, though that could change at any time as it is a "special" price.

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