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La-Mulana returns to PC, now available through Playism


Have you suddenly developed a taste for cave-based, retro-inspired, super-difficult platformers after playing Spelunky? Good news!

The remake of La-Mulana, despite not making it to WiiWare, is available on PC through the new game distribution service Playism, which features primarily localized Japanese games. Developer Nigoro celebrated this new release with an overview trailer – featuring dance. To celebrate the start of the service, Playism is randomly giving away t-shirts, La-Mulana music, and a signed replica of the notebook from the game.

Speaking of that WiiWare version, it hasn't worked out so far, but Nigoro believes "there is a possibility to release WiiWare version." It won't have the planned DLC, and it's not a sure thing, but it may still happen.

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