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Sony Xperia tipo sidles into the FCC, inspires yawns


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Another day, another FCC filing. This time, though, the documents on offer aren't tipping us off to the impending arrival of some wunderphone -- it's just Sony's recently outed Xperia tipo. The diminutive 3.2-incher -- set for an official Euro bow this August -- is no screamer with its 480 x 320 TFT display and lone 800MHz Snapdragon CPU. The ICS handset's real claim to fame is its availability in single- and dual-SIM flavors. And based on the radios outlined in the corresponding Commission docs -- GPRS/EDGE/GSM 850 and 1900; WCDMA 850 and 1900 -- this modest phone could see a low-end berth on AT&T. Excited? Neither are we. Still, you can peruse the user manual, take a tour of the phone's inner workings and parse through dense legalese at the source link below.

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