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Aion 3.1 goes live on Wednesday

Eliot Lefebvre

The first major version update for Aion's latest incarnation is going live on Wednesday, and it's all about getting your characters up to speed as quickly as possible. If you've got a character or two who's lagged behind, it's time to bring him or her up in levels. For starters, the entry requirements for Steel Rake, Theobomos Lab, Aetherogenetics Lab, Adma Stronghold, and Alquimia Research Center have all been reduced, meaning you can complete the dungeons earlier in your leveling career.

The instances have been improved in other ways as well: Aetherogenetics and Alquimia give increased experience and drop better equipment, while Theobomos and Adma Stronghold have both been opened to both factions with new quests for each. Meanwhile, the game is also adding a special Fast Track server, allowing players to shoot along toward the level cap with a full array of Rift Buffs perpetually turned on. Keep your eyes peeled for the patch's approach, as it hits the live servers on July 18th.

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