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    Socialcam sells to Autodesk for $60 million


    Autodesk has added yet another feather to its growing cap, buying mobile video sharing app Socialcam for a price of $60 million. Socialcam was launched only about 18 months ago, but it's been a big hit since then, attracting lots of high profile investors and a prestigious spot at the Y Combinator startup accelerator.

    Autodesk's purchase likely means Socialcam will continue to grow. There are only four employees at the moment (which in itself is pretty spectacular for a purchase like this), so of course there will be some more hires, and presumably Autodesk will look at integrating the company's technology in its own apps.

    Autodesk is slowly and quietly building a mobile software empire. The company is obviously most known for its popular drafting software AutoCAD, but I've seen Autodesk Scaleform pop up in quite a few mobile and PC games lately, and Autodesk has also picked up photo editing site Pixlr, and maker community Instructables as well. There are already more than 20 Autodesk iPad apps in the App Store, ranging from games and 3D art 'toys' to video effects (FluidFX) to engineering tools and simple alarm clocks. Socialcam is yet another sizable consumer pickup for the company.

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