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Saints Row: The Third downloadable for $10 on Amazon today


Saints Row: The Third is a great game and for the rest of the day the downloadable PC version is only $10 on Amazon. Think fast if beating someone with a giant purple phallus is worth the entrance fee, because this deal will end at midnight Pacific time (Spoiler: it's totally worth it in every way conceivable).

If you find $10 too little to pay for so much game, there's plenty of DLC to purchase. Let your freak flag fly as a giant wiener! If you took that last line to mean something else than dressing up as a hot dog, we'd understand the potential confusion given the subject at hand.

THQ announced late last month its Saints Row: The Third standalone expansion, Enter the Dominatrix, intended for September, will now be incorporated into "The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise" next year.

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