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Verizon: smartphones constitute 50 percent of our postpaid customer phone base


This morning Verizon trotted out its latest financials, and amongst the numbers was a noteworthy stat. According to the big red, for the first time ever, 50 percent of its postpaid customer phone base is of the smart variety. This figure is up three percent from the last quarter, and won't factor in certain recent arrivals. Verizon's recent plan revamp is likely an attempt to cater for this trend, and ties in generally with the recent market share analysis reports. Now if a few other things come to pass, then this number is surely set to keep heading north.

Update: Appleinsider reports that to date, Verizon has sold 2.7 million iPhones, and 2.9 million Androids (some 2.5 million of which, are LTE), giving some insight into what makes up that 50 percent total.

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