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ChangeWave: Advance demand for next-gen iPhone "off the charts"


Apple 2.0's Philip Elmer-DeWitt reported today on a new ChangeWave Research survey of purchasing plans for upcoming smartphones. The survey shows that the unannounced next-generation iPhone has an "unprecedented" amount of advance demand.

The survey offered 4,042 American consumers brief descriptions of both the currently available Samsung Galaxy S III and the features believed to be in the next-generation iPhone. A whopping 50 percent of respondents said they were planning to purchase an iPhone in the next 90 days, compared to 19 percent who said they'd be purchasing a Samsung phone. Keep in mind that's the iPhone 4S they're talking about -- not the next-generation device.

Advance demand for the next-generation is really incredible, with 14 percent responding that they are very likely to purchase an "iPhone 5" and 17 percent saying they're somewhat likely to make that purchase. That's up from the pre-iPhone 4S numbers of October 2011 that showed only 10 percent very likely to purchase an iPhone 4S and 11.5 percent somewhat likely to make the purchase.

ChangeWave notes that "The huge wave of pent-up demand for the coming iPhone launch has important implications for the rest of the industry -- and puts a number of second tier smart phone manufacturers at increased risk of coming in below plan for the year." A full copy of the report is available to 451 Research subscribers.

Speaking of Apple's iPhone sales and forecasts, be sure to join us tomorrow afternoon for a liveblog of the 3Q 2012 Apple earnings call.

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