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Exclusive: Rusty Hearts Reborn launch trailer highlights new weapon specializations

MJ Guthrie

The wait is nearly over for Rusty Hearts fans as the game's first expansion, Reborn, goes live tomorrow. This much-anticipated expansion brings plenty of new content for both higher-level characters and those just starting out, including a new party system, a new starting zone, and a PvP ladder system. But that's not all!

Among the major additions coming with the expansion are new weapon specializations known as job focuses. Are you eager to know who gets to wield twin swords and who sports demon gloves? Can you guess which lucky character gets to wrap his hands around a glaive? Are you curious as to what's inside a weapon bag? You don't have to wait until tomorrow to find out! You can watch the Rusty Hearts Reborn launch trailer now, exclusively on Massively.

Check out the new weapon action after the break. And for more details on the expansion, read Massively's interview with Game Producer Mark Hill and check out the official site.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

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