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Apple seeking $2.5 billion from Samsung


Apple filed a brief in its infringement case against Samsung and argued the Korean company should pay Apple a combined total of $2.525 billion, according to FOSS Patents. The amount includes $25 million in royalty damages and another $2.5 billion, which includes the amount Samsung has unjustly gained and Apple has lost because of Samsung's copycat devices.

Breaking it down, Apple asked for $2.02 per unit for the "overscroll bounce" '318 patent, $3.10 for the '915 "scrolling API" patent, $2.20 for the "tap to zoom and navigate" '163 patent and $24 for the trade dress and design patents.

Apple was less generous in the payment amounts when it addressed Samsung's claim that Apple infringed its wireless standard essentials patents. If Samsung prevails in its patent infringement case, Apple offered to pay the Korean manufacturer a half-cent for each infringed standards essential patent. This disparity is due in part to the standards-essential nature of Samsung's patents, which must be licensed under fair and reasonable non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

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