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EverQuest II's Qeynos Rises patch revamps city, PvP

Jef Reahard

It's patch day in EverQuest II, and we'll give you two guesses as to the primary feature of the Qeynos Rises update.The city has been remade to eliminate most (but not all) of the loading screens between its various quarters. Like last year's Freeport makeover, the update has given one of EQII's capital cities a new coat of visual polish as well as tweaked the layout of the racial hamlets. New quests have been added, too.

Today's patch also features a slew of PvP updates, including "new PvP stats derived from PvE stats, PvP gear that is useful in PvE combat, revised achievements, infamy, bounty, and a new token earning system." There's more, so head to the official EQII website for the full scoop.

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