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Is Qualcomm considering an AR benchmark as 'the mother of all tests'?


Today at the Qualcomm mobile benchmarking workshop in San Francisco, Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research suggested that using augmented reality (AR) to test the performance of mobile devices could be "the mother of all tests." By stressing all processors and sensors on modern smartphones and tablets -- including CPU, GPU, DSP, ISP (image processor), GPS, gyro, compass, accelerometer, barometer, mic and camera -- the benchmark would represent the worst case scenario in term of computing load. While AR adoption is still in its infancy amongst consumers -- technology such as Project Glass still faces serious challenges -- Qualcomm's been very active in the field over the years and even provides an SDK for developers. Could this be a hint of what's coming from the company in terms of benchmarking beyond Neocore and Vellamo? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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