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Path gets new sharing features, better camera


Users of social networking app Path have a few new features this morning that should make them very happy. The free app, which allows sharing only to a few (150) good friends, is quite popular as it serves as a gateway to posting on other services such as Twitter and Foursquare.

To start with, users are now able to share movies they're watching and books they're reading. A tap on the "music" button now shows movies and books as well, with popular current films listed and shareable with a tap. It's the same with books -- bestsellers and popular titles are listed so you can tell your friends that you're finally catching up and reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

Taking photos with Path has gotten better. The camera is now changed and takes square images and videos in portrait orientation. Four new tools are available for photo editing: Glo, Depth, Zoom, and Crop. Glo is used to "fix and enhance details in dark or bright photos." Photos and videos are displayed larger, photos can be snapped with a tap of the volume button, and video now has its own red button for one-tap recording.

It's now easier to invite your real friends to Path with a personal note or recorded audio message, and it's possible to "nudge" your friends to send photos and make check-ins. The update just makes a great social networking app better.

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