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Ouya's getting game streaming via OnLive (also, look at the full controller)


Ouya's latest project update clues in backers on the console's ability to stream and play PC games remotely ... via established streaming service OnLive. Ouya took to its Kickstarter project page with an update detailing the partnership and showing off the full controller seen above.

OnLive's service doesn't seem to be limited in any ways on Ouya, with the announcement stating OnLive "will deliver a full console-classe experience, bringing hundreds of top-tier games from more than 80 publishers to the Ouya console for play on demand." The service is also detailed as "the same OnLive experience," which sounds an awful lot like it'll have the same library available through OnLive elsewhere.

Beyond the partnership announcement, we've got some new images of the console, its controller (both halves!), and the UI. Take a peek in our gallery below!

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