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SWTOR explains automatic transfers and more in weekly Q&A


Star Wars: The Old Republic's weekly Q&A session with the devs made it to release on time this week! BioWare's Will Wallace, Hall Hood, Rick Burton answer questions about travel perks in PvP, the seven commemorative pillars on Corellia, and the aftermath of the Rise of the Rakghoul plague event. Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert joined in to respond to a player with concerns about how automatic transfers will work for players who do not opt to transfer their characters manually:
Once we do automatic transfers, we will be doing everything possible in order to maintain the basics of the current ruleset as possible - PvE vs PvP, regional choice, language (for Europe); so in many cases, you should have a good idea of which populations you are likely to end up with. Another top concern is trying to help the populations that result have a good factional balance. We will give out a specific list once we are closer to implementation of this plan - watch for more info soon!
Schubert also explains what "server stability" fixes really mean. The complete Q&A is online now at the official SWTOR blog.

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