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MechWarrior Online showcases the Atlas [Updated]

Last week we showed you MechWarrior Online's light-weight Jenner model, which is available as part of the MWO Founder Package. This week it's the Atlas' turn in the spotlight. The Atlas weighs in at 100 tons, roughly three times the weight of the more agile Jenner, and has a deadly combination of long- and short-range missiles, four medium lasers, and an autocannon.

Because of the weight and weaponry that make it deadly, the Atlas isn't known for being light on its feet. Anyone driving an Atlas will have to have a keen understanding of the battlefield in order to not get caught from behind before being able to bring the mech's technological terror to bear.

Skip below the cut to witness the power of this fully armed and operational battlemech!

[Edit: Took out the word "exclusively" for the Jenner in the Founder's package as non-Founders can also earn this mech.]

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