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French hackers connect a shock collar to a Sega Genesis, let obscenities fly (video)


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There are masochists, and then there are masochists. We'd have to put French hackers Dyak and Furrtek in the latter category. The two ingenious and self destructive modders tweaked the beloved Sega Genesis to send signals to a pair of controllers any time the player takes damage. That signal doesn't produce rumbles or blinking lights, however, it's passed through a port to a shock collar meant for dogs. That's right, every time you get hit, you get zapped. The jolt of electricity you receive is hardly deadly, but it's certainly not pleasant, as you can tell from the barrage of obscenities bleeped out of the above video. The hack isn't exactly easy but, if you're bold, and don't mind a bit of pain, you'll find full details of the mod at the source link.

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