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SOEmote facial recognition tech live in EverQuest II today

Jef Reahard

Earlier this summer, we told you about Sony Online Entertainment's new SOEmote facial recognition technology. Today you can try it out for yourself in the company's flagship EverQuest II MMORPG.

SOE has partnered with ImageMetrics to bring the new tech to end-users and their in-game avatars. It's not limited to facial expressions, though. New voice fonts allow players to sound like their characters, too. "For gamers, and especially roleplayers, the more immersive the experience, the better the game. SOE is using Live Driver in SOEmote to unlock levels of expression and interaction between EQII players that simply haven't been possible until now," said Robert Gehorsam, CEO of Image Metrics.

SOE is also sponsoring a competition for the most creative SOEmote videos. Submit your 30-second clip for a chance to win a trip for two to SOE Live (formerly known as Fan Faire) in Las Vegas.

[Source: SOE press release]

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