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SWTOR lead writer hints at future content


Twitter was abuzz this morning when a Star Wars: The Old Republic lead writer posted a cryptic message. "SIS Intel Report: Rumors indicate Czerka research vessel 'Theoretika' has been located by deep-space salvage team. Investigating," Hall Hood announced on his account.

Speculation abounded from many of his followers and fans of the game; the biggest theory revolved around a possible live event. Unfortunately for SWTOR players who scoured planet after planet searching for new content, Hood later tweeted, "Just to clarify: I was only giving a little preview of future content. I would never announce an in-game event on Twitter." We are disappoint.

However, Hood did give us a bit of joy when the tweeters proposed that it might be a new flashpoint. Hood answered that suggestion with, "Not exactly. You'll see very soon, I hope." Does that mean SWTOR will announce 1.4 content soon? We have our fingers crossed.

Stay tuned for more SWTOR news, and be sure to catch our weekly Hyperspace Beacon column later today.

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