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GNOME OS plans detailed: desktops and tablets and smartphones, oh my!


That the GNOME devs planned to package their distro of Linux is hardly a secret, but we haven't heard too many details. Now Allan Day, one of the interface and UX designers, has explained not just the goals, but the reasoning behind the move. The foundation has realized a number of things, chief amongst them is that the move towards tablets and smartphones means GNOME needs to become more finger-friendly if it hopes to survive. That doesn't mean that the desktop environment is looking to take on iOS and Android necessarily. GNOME OS is going to be aimed at developers, with the goal stabilizing its associated SDKs and APIs, while refining the user experience. That means not just UI tweaks, but rewritten core apps and a "new model for accessing content." For more details about the Linux stalwart's efforts to maintain relevancy in the face of a quickly evolving market (and the loss of Ubuntu to its in-house Unity UI) hit up the source.

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