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'Kong King' map added to Team Fortress 2, inspired by Sleeping Dogs

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Have dreams of a promotional Team Fortress 2 'King of the Hill' map set in a Chinese cityscape been keeping you up nights since the free-to-play shooter's launch in 2007? "Well, your oddly specific and scarily prescient dreams have come true," the official TF2 blog has revealed.

Dubbed 'Kong King,' the new map brings Team Fortress 2 into the urban environment created in collaboration with "Sleeping Dogs and community member Valentin Levillain," the blog added.

This is the second cross-promotional effort between Valve's Team Fortress 2 and the upcoming United Front Games open-world undercover drama Sleeping Dogs, with pre-order customers of the game getting special Triad-inspired items in TF2.

For more on Sleeping Dogs, check out the replay of our recent live stream of the game with senior producer Jeff O'Connell, and don't forget to giggle at my terrible mouse/keyboard driving skills.

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