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SquareTrade study shows why iPhones and iPads dislike Mississippi


If you're an iPhone or an iPad making your way from a factory in China to the United States, just hope that you're not going to end up in the clumsy hands of someone from the state of Mississippi. A new SquareTrade study shows that some the highest levels of accident damage to both iPhones and iPads occur in the Magnolia State.

The two graphics you see here show that an iPad or iPhone in Mississippi has a projected accidental damage rate of 30 to 35 percent over two years. Simply stated, that Apple product has a one in three chance of being damaged in 24 months. Ouch.

Where are iPhones and iPads relatively safe from accidental damage? If you're an iPhone, you want to live in Iowa, where there's only a 5 to 9 percent chance of being hurt by your clumsy owner. For iPads, the safest places to live are Hawaii, Montana, and West Virginia, which also have a 5 to 9 percent two-year accidental damage rate.

SquareTrade offers independent warranties to purchasers of consumer electronics, and the statistics on clumsiness were based on customer claims.

SquareTrade study shows why iPhones and iPads dislike Mississippi

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