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Engadget Podcast 306 - 08.17.2012

Trent Wolbe

Here at the Engadget Podcast, we're all about the little guys: the Joe The Plumbers of the technology world, the underdogs fighting for their sweet little piece of the silicon-flavored pie: hardware homebrewers, ROM writers, and circuit slicers. But sometimes, we gotta give it up to the Grand Old Parties that lay the stones upon which the rest of the economy is paved: here we pay tribute to HP; we bow at the altar of Samsung; we come bearing gifts for Microsoft; we welcome to the Billionaire Boys Club Instagram and its infinitely-scrolling photo maps. Because sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta pour one out for the OGs.

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater, Dana Wollman
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Orbital - Never

02:20 - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review
11:52 - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 getting its Jelly Bean on later this year
13:25 - Samsung: 10 million Galaxy Notes have been sold, worldwide
17:50 - Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199?
23:35 - HP says Surface has not changed its relationship with Microsoft, promises more tablet details 'pretty soon'
26:34 - Windows 8 RTM: what's new in the final build of Windows 8?
41:44 - Instagram 3.0 adds Photo Maps, infinite scrolling and speed improvements (video)
43:26 - Verizon's LTE network hits 34 new markets tomorrow, set to cover over 75 percent of the US
45:08 - Nokia and Microsoft announce September 5th Windows Phone event
46:48 - webOS team becomes Gram, isn't heavy on mission statements
47:50 - PlayStation Mobile detailed: different screens, same games

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