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'Being Human' with Sims 3 Supernatural and Seasons


It's unlikely we'll ever see a licensed game based on supernatural drama Being Human – although, stranger things have happened – so it's good to see my fantasy may be fulfilled through The Sims 3.

While waiting for my SimCity hands-on, I checked out The Sims 3's new seasons and supernatural expansions. Seasons looks lush, with the landscape shifting every seven in-game days, which can always be altered by the player. Leave it as Hoth if you want it or keep it as an everlasting springtime of rejuvination.

Beyond seeing the potential for Being Human with the supernatural expansion, there's also the option to get your Twilight on. Yes, there are sparkly vampires. Drink a potion and vampires receive vampiric sunblock that makes them sparkle.

The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion will be available in September, Seasons will release in November. My suburban epic of supernatural drama will be fully realized by the holidays.

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