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Nexon CEO says consoles will F2P or die


Never one to mince words, Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim stated that the traditional game console's days are numbered -- if it doesn't adapt to the market. "Console developers are starting to realize that as well, that unless they make accommodations or think about changing their own business model they're going to quickly go the way of the dinosaurs," he said in a interview.

Kim predicts that there will be no way for the console market to grow without free-to-play. His perspective comes from Nexon's research in Korea, which indicates that market developments have shifted players away from the old way of doing things on consoles. He also said that F2P puts the onus on the developers to "earn the business" of players instead of taking their money up front and running.

"It's really hard to beat free-to-play as an offering," Kim said. "I know it's tough for [console developers] to just cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to say 'OK, we're going to go free-to-play and make our bed here,' because that's going to piss off a lot of people who they already have an existing business relationship with."

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