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Gnaw joins Awesomenauts PC, new cheating league opens


Today packs a double dose of news for Awesomenauts on PC. First and foremost, the previously announced new character, Gnaw, is now available via a free update. Gnaw features abilities such as gross, biological turrets and nasty, noxious vomit.

Developer Ronimo Games has also implemented a novel anti-cheating measure, a special "league" just for cheaters. The gist of it is pretty simple: Get caught cheating and you will be entered into a matchmaking system populated exclusively by other cheaters. Regular readers will recognize the system as similar to Max Payne 3's "Cheater Pool." Ronimo wishes all of the league's new members "GG."

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Awesomenaut Gnaw is unleashed!

The Awesomenauts have recruited the most disgusting alien dog/thing in the universe and he is coming to spit you in the face!

Vomitting his way onto the battlefield this little menace will infest whole areas with slimy goo and flesh eating plants. So roll up the windows of your spacecraft and keep your arms and legs within the vehicle, because Gnaw is entering the arena today. Check out the recently released Gnaw trailer here:

With over 500.000 games played and over Solar collected in Awesomenauts in the first 3 weeks on Steam, the game is flying like a rocket! Ronimo intends to keep this rocket going with new characters and features that will be added regularly during the coming months.

We are also excited to announce that we got a really Awesome new league! The ima-cheater-and-I-wanna-play-against-my-cheating-buddies-league
So if you are cheating in Awesomenauts then we will put you in a special matchmaking system with other cheaters, GG!

As always, join the Awesomenauts community on and to keep up to date on new 'nauts, patches and upcoming features!

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