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Amazon adds familiar Guild Wars 2 racial armor previews to its product page

Eliot Lefebvre

If you haven't already grabbed a copy of Guild Wars 2, time is running out, and you may very well want to head over to Amazon to purchase it. And what will you find there? Why, several familiar videos previewing racial armors for all five of the game's races. You know, the same videos that you saw here a few days ago from the talented Richie Procopio, which walk through the looks of all the armors and how to obtain the appearances early.

Before you ask, there are no underhanded shenanigans at work here; Amazon asked our permission to use Richie's spectacular videos to help spread awareness about the game. If you're looking forward to the game, it's as good a reason as any to look at the videos once again, and either way we'd like to congratulate Richie on getting some high-level awareness. (We're just a wee bit proud at the moment.)

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