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Mugen Souls sees a short delay and an 'overwhelming' trailer


Mugen Souls, NIS America's latest turn-based RPG, will arrive in North America slightly later than planned. Originally set for September 18, the Compile Heart-developed game is now due on October 16. The European version will be released on September 28.

The latest trailer highlights Mugen Souls' battle system, which combines turn-based combat with free movement. It looks complicated and, as the trailer itself admits, overwhelming. You need that kind of power if you intend to conquer seven universes.

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Santa Ana, Calif. August 22, 2012) – NIS America announced today the new North
American release date for Mugen Souls™, available exclusively for the PlayStation®3
(PS3™) computer entertainment system. Due to schedule adjustments, Mugen
Souls™ will now be released on October 16, 2012. The European release date for this
title will remain unaffected.
Created by Compile Heart, Mugen Souls™ features a free-roaming battle map,
turn-based combat, and massive amounts of customization and character growth to
fulfill even the most hardcore RPG fans.
About the game
There exists a small galaxy in the universe containing seven worlds, shimmering in
seven colors... These worlds exist and act independent of one another. This has
allowed them to develop and nurture rich, unique cultures. Then one day, a decree
was sent out... "I'm gonna make everything in each of these worlds bow to me!"
– The Undisputed God, Chou-Chou
• Expansive worlds to explore: Travel freely on each world to explore and find
treasures and items. Monsters are roaming about, so be cautious or fight them
head-on and make them your subservient peons!
• Free-roaming style battle maps: Use Linked attacks to execute spectacular
moves with your allies! Destroy Crystals on the battlefield to activate Fever Time!
• Moe Kill: Execute the Moe Kill technique to enslave enemies and turn them into
items by exploiting their weaknesses!
• Customization: Create a full cast of characters! Customizable body parts, facial expressions, and job classes!
Notice: Due to the sensitive nature of some content, NIS America has decided to edit certain aspects of
this title for its North American and European releases.

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