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Pandora Android app update: new UI, song history and song lyrics for impromptu cubicle concerts

Billy Steele

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If Pandora for Android is your go-to service for music streaming while you're out and about, you're in for a bit of a treat. The internet radio outfit has updated it's app for the Google OS with a number of enhancements that should make spinning those Music Genome Project selections even more satisfying. First, a redesigned UI and navigation takes some cues from the Android design standards in order to liven up the aesthetics. A retooled song history allows users to review, rate and bookmark their previously played tracks for future reference. When a particular artist is playing, album art can now be minimized to reveal bio information, song lyrics and Pandora's regular similar artist / track recommendations. If you're jonesin' to grab the new look for yourself, hit the source link below to update.

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