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    Daily iPhone App: Minutes is a simple timer for your tasks


    Timer apps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are complex and let you time multiple events at once, while others, like Minutes -Timer and Stopwatch, are meant to be quick and easy to use. Minutes has a simple, but functional UI that lets you set a timer for a single event by dragging a pointer around the face of a pseudo-clock.

    Once you set your timer, the app displays the time remaining in minutes and seconds. It also displays the time that the timer will end, which is handy for tasks that need to end before a certain time of day. When the timer is done, the app will send you an alert so you can set the timer and jump off to check your email without missing a deadline.

    Minutes also functions as a stopwatch, but that feature needs some improvement. When you are not running a timer, you can tap the center of clock to start the stopwatch and tap again to stop it. When you halt the stopwatch, unfortunately, the elapsed time is erased. Hopefully the developer will address this in an update.

    Minutes - Timer and Stopwatch is available for 99-cents in the iOS App Store. It's not the most feature-rich timer in the App Store, but for one-at-a-time tasks, Minutes gets the job done quickly and easily.

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