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Square Enix's World Ends With You: Solo Remix arrives on iOS


Square Enix dropped a surprise on the App Store this weekend: a specially-formulated for iOS version of its really inventive RPG The World Ends With You. The game was first created for the Nintendo DS (and made extensive use of that device's lower touch screen), and the newly released "Solo Remix" brings the title to iOS, adding completely redrawn art compatible with Retina Displays, the ability to share items socially, Game Center integration, and new songs added to the already wild Japanese pop-styled soundtrack.

This is an big release in a lot of different ways -- not only has Square Enix made sure that this iOS version is specially created just for Apple devices, but it's also decided to stand by the game as a premium app, selling the iPhone version for $17.99 and the iPad version for $19.99. Square Enix has stood by a lot of its classic titles on the store (Final Fantasy Tactics is a hugely popular title that still sells for $17.99), both because the game are still available for the DS and other systems for higher prices, and because the company believes in the high quality of the games.

And The World Ends With You is of course no different -- it's a great RPG set not in a fantasy or sci-fi land, but a magical reality world of the shopping districts of Tokyo. It's a complicated game, where you use graffiti, fashion, and Japanese teen culture to try and do battle against various types of demons across the touch screen. The World Ends With You is certainly a very original game, and now iOS has a version of the title to call its very own.

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