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Fractured Soul comes to eShop September 13


Developer Endgame Studios has informed Joystiq that its eShop action game Fractured Soul will be released in North America on September 13, at an $11.99 price point. Fractured Soul is a sci-fi action game that has players jumping back and forth between two slightly different parallel worlds, one on each screen of the 3DS. This mechanic is used as the basis for insane challenges. For more information, check out our preview from earlier this year.

The $12 price is "less than half of the retail price" decided upon when Fractured Soul was still a packaged release, Endgame managing director Grant Davies told me. The price, which is higher than many eShop releases, is such "for us not to end up completely broke."

Davies is happy about Nintendo's new program of rolling out digital versions of retail games simultaneously. "The more quality products you can find in the eShop the better," he said. "Gamers need to be confident that when they go to the eShop, they're getting a quality offering. That's one of the problems that something like the App Store has." With things like New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the service, people will be "more willing to engage with eShop and check out what's on there."

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