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Raid target dummies ding level 93 in patch 5.0.4

Brian Wood

Along with the mass of pre-Mists of Pandaria changes that patch 5.0.4 brought to the game is an important change to the raid target dummies: They have leveled up to level 93.

The raid boss target dummies found in major cities are now the Mists of Pandaria dummies, set up for level 90 characters. This means that the boss dummies now have much more armor, so even if your level 85 character is hit-capped and dodge-capped, you will still miss and be dodged by the target dummy. It also means that your physical attacks will do vastly less damage.

You cannot compare your DPS to the raid target dummy before and after patch 5.0.4, alas. So if you thought your DPS went way down, don't worry. It may just be the target dummy change.

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