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Griffin announces Survivor Custom: Military-grade iPhone protection in a broad spectrum of colors


Accessory manufacturer Griffin announced today that they've joined the likes of OtterBox and LifeProof in the military-grade iPhone 4/4S case market. The new Survivor Custom (US$49.99) is a three-part rugged case, which purchasers can customize by mixing or matching the colors of the silicone wrap, polycarbonate inner shell, and the belt clip.

The Survivor Custom is designed to meet or exceed US Department of Defense standards for protection in extreme conditions. The silicone wrap comes in black, blaze orange, pool blue, hunter camo, pink, red, and olive; the polycarbonate inner shell is available in black, white, blaze orange, pool blue, pink, red, and olive; the belt clip (detachable) comes in black, white, pool blue, pink, red and olive.

TUAW will be doing a full review of the Survivor Custom in the near future; until then, head out to the website and have fun designing your perfect case. After all, you have 294 color combos to choose from...

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