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IFTTT Recipes: Cool me off!


IFTTT Recipes is a new recurring column featuring recipes developed using and their favorite IFTTT channels. Come see what TUAW bloggers cook up in the IFTTT labs!

We don't have air conditioning in our house, but the low humidity in Colorado usually means that a fan is sufficient to stay comfortable. I thought it would be fun to have IFTTT turn on a fan near my desk whenever the temperature outside goes above 90°F.

The IFTTT channels I used were Weather and WeMo Switch. One of the weather triggers is "Current Temperature Rises Above," so I set it up to fire when the current temperature at my location rises above 90°F. For the action, I set up the WeMo switch (see my review of WeMo here) channel to turn on when it received the trigger from Weather.

The fan is a simple little desk fan that sits near my desk, so I plugged it into the WeMo. Sure enough, on those days when it gets hot outside, the fan automatically turns on. To ensure that the fan doesn't run longer than necessary, I've also created another recipe that turns the fan off when the outside temperature gets lower than 85°F.

It's working really well! However, since the Weather channel uses outside temperature at a weather station near my home, the temperature reading isn't always accurate. I sent off an email to the makers of the Netatmo personal weather station to see if they'd consider creating a Netatmo channel on IFTTT -- that would be perfect, since I could use the Netatmo inside temperature reading to trigger the fan. It's an Internet-based thermostat!

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