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Mountain Dew Warbot pet and War Fuel now available for purchase in-game

Anne Stickney

If you're looking to shore up your collection of pets in preparation for the battle pet system coming in Mists of Pandaria, we've got good news for you. Toy vendors around the world are now selling the Warbot Ignition Key, as well as Blue and Red War Fuel for the robot. While there was a schematic datamined for the Warbot, it appears that it was decided to just make this an item found on any of the assorted toy vendors around Azeroth.

The Warbot and its assorted fuels were originally part of a U.S.-only Mountain Dew Game Fuel promotion back in 2009. For those wondering what the heck the fuel is for, you can load your robot up with either Horde red or Alliance blue fuel, and Warbots that have opposing colors of fuel will battle each other when in proximity. It was a fun promotion, but the lack of availability for anyone not in the United States was a bummer, so it's nice to see the Warbot available to all at last.

To purchase your Warbot, just head to any toy vendor. The Warbot costs 500g, but it is affected by reputation; exalted reputation cuts the price down to a slightly more affordable 350g. As for the War Fuels, you can pick whichever color you like, regardless of what faction you happen to be on. Happy battling!

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