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Aliens: Colonial Marines' Escape mode looks painful if you're a human


Yesterday Sega and Gearbox announced Aliens: Colonial Marines' new 'Escape' multiplayer mode, a four vs. four, Xenomorphs vs Marines bloodbath. Today, they've sent us that bloodbath in video form, and it looks a bit painful for the marines.

It's up to the marines to escape the Alien planet's outpost by getting to the extraction point, while the Aliens just chase them down like dogs. There's a time limit too, meaning the marines must work together to make it out with their limbs and guts intact.

Should the idea of gutting or being gutted entice you, Aliens: Colonial Marines is playable at this weekend's PAX Prime. The game itself arrives next year on February 12 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The Wii U release date remains unannounced.

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