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Breakfast Topic: What didn't you know about patch 5.0.4?

Matthew Rossi

On my first login to World of Warcraft after patch 5.0.4, I stumbled upon Dave the Quick. I'll tell you right now, if Dave was there before patch 5.0.4, I never noticed him, and the fact that there's only one comment on his Wowhead entry makes me suspect he was never there before. He has a speech when you talk to him that makes him sound like he has a purpose, but I have no idea what that purpose is. He offers no quests that I can currently see. He's just sitting there in his full Lightforge armor, with the original helmet from way back in classic days, seemingly doing nothing at all.

I find the guy fascinating. Who is he? Why is he suddenly there in Stormwind, right next to the hunter and warrior trainers? Is he for future content? Did they just forget he was there? Is he some friend of the development team given immortality via an in-game NPC?

I expected all sorts of chaos when patch 5.0.4 dropped, but I didn't expect Dave the Quick. How about you? Stumble upon anything weird or unexpected this week?

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