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Take this code and go play the Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault beta


The next Ratchet & Clank – Full Frontal Assualt – isn't just the usual third-person platforming and shooting affair we're all so used to from Insomniac Games. Well ... it still has all that stuff, it's just also got a thorough base defense aspect the developer is hoping you'll beta test ahead of Full Frontal Assault's "fall" launch.

That beta, as it turns out, is going on right now (through next week). We've got some codes for you going out on our Twitter feed, and we've also got a link to this handy site where you can procure your own, should your hands not be speedy enough to catch a code otherwise.

Oh, also, the image above is full of codes that totally work (albeit for probably a super limited time). So there's that.

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