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Purported HTC Accord Windows Phone schema leaked on Twitter


While certain other manufacturers claim a lot of the Windows Phone column inches, there are other players in the game. An image that recently popped up on Twitter reminds us that HTC is also a supporter of Microsoft's mobile OS. The picture above claims to be a possible schema for a forthcoming handset, which the poster believes to be the HTC Accord. The account belongs to a prolific XDA-Developer user with a history of Windows Phone ROMS, so it's entirely possible this was found somewhere along the way. Likewise, though, we'll have to take this with the requisite amount of salt. There's not much in the way of specification to be gleaned here, either, but at the least we can get a sense of what the design style might be like going forward. We just need to wait now for the official product launch event to join the ever-growing list.

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