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Breakfast Topic: Vengeance for Theramore

Alex Ziebart

The loss of Theramore is the latest, biggest blow struck to the Alliance in a very long series of blows. Mists of Pandaria suggests the Alliance is done accepting the abuse and is prepared to do something about it. Let's all pretend for a moment that this story arc won't result in newfound peace. Let's assume the Alliance is going to make an equally devastating strike against the Horde, wiping a major Horde stronghold off the map. What would serve as an equivalent reprisal?

As an Alliance player, specifically someone with a human main, I'd love to see the fall of Undercity. However, trading Theramore for Undercity isn't quite an equivalent exchange. A better reprisal may be an orcish settlement in Kalimdor. The night elves have been losing territory to the Horde nonstop since the orcs' arrival on Kalimdor and it's about time they start to push back. I'd love to see the kaldorei, under the command of Shandris Feathermoon, push the Horde out of Feralas or Ashenvale.

Alliance players, what would you see as a valid reprisal to the loss of Theramore? Horde players, what would hurt to lose? Remember, in this scenario, it will happen. You can't claim the Horde wouldn't lose anything, that's cheating!

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