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Tabu's Universal Mini Stand: A preview of a handy iPhone accessory


Tabu Design is a small design firm that takes the Kickstarter approach to raising funds for its product line. We took a look at their highly successful iPad Pouch project a couple of weeks ago; that project pulled in almost US$16,000 with an original funding goal of $5,000. Now the company is back with the Universal Mini Stand (or minü stand as it's called on the box), a diminutive little iPhone stand and cable manager.

Tabu is targeting a price point of about $22 for a mixed pack of four stands, and needs $5,000 to start production. They're currently at about $4,800 with 22 days to go. But enough about Kickstarter; what is the Universal Mini Stand?

Each stand is a tiny piece of angled plastic with a highly sticky 3M material on one flat side. What do you stick the sticky material to? You can stick it to a wall, a desk or the back of your iPhone or iPhone case. The sticky stuff is reusable and can be cleaned with water if it gets covered with cat hair or dirt. You can stick one to a wall, one to an iPhone and use the two combined as a "hook" to hang up your iPhone.

Gallery: Tabu Design Universal Mini Stand | 5 Photos

This simple piece of plastic -- available in black, white or transparent pink or green -- has channels in it to act as a cable guide. You can even use the stand itself as a cable or headphone wrap. While the Mini Stand is designed for the iPhone, the Kickstarter page shows two stands being used to prop up an iPad. Tabu's Kevin So even suggests using one as an impromptu business card holder for your desk.

It's a clever idea, inexpensive and can be used in a lot of different ways. There's still time to be a backer for the project, so if you've ever wanted to be a venture capitalist, here's your chance. Check out the video below to see how much weight the Universal Mini Stand can handle on various surfaces, and enjoy Kevin's sped-up voice.

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