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Create (and sell) your own in-game items with SOE's Player Studio

Jef Reahard

EverQuest II's new expansion reared its head earlier today, as did the latest content drop for the original EverQuest. Sony Online Entertainment didn't stop there, though. The firm has unveiled something called SOE Player Studio, which is a new endeavor designed to give creative customers a way to develop their own in-game items.

While user-generated content has been a staple in SOE titles for many years, Player Studio is different because it's built on a for-profit foundation.

Players may "download sample geometry for actual in-game objects and through the use of third party art tools, learn how to develop, design and personalize items of their own." After an item passes the SOE approval process, it can be purchased by other players in the SOE Marketplace. Player content authors will then receive 40 percent of the net amount that SOE receives from the sale.

The service will initially cover both EQ and EQII. SOE's website says Player Studio is coming soon for both Vanguard and Free Realms.

[Source: SOE press release]

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