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Mark of the Ninja not-so-sneakily arrives on XBLM today


Mark of the Ninja sneaks onto Xbox Live Marketplace today for 1200 MSP. Not that it's any good at sneaking, as Klei Entertainment just broadcasted the side-scrolling stealth game's arrival with a new trailer.

Joystiq's head ninja spoke with Klei's Nels Anderson this week, focusing on how the team wants strong, flexible play while avoiding the frustration stealth games can cultivate.
"I thought the abundance of outlines threatened to make this an easy game, but my early takeaway is that your actions are easier to read, predict and eventually master. Understanding how the game and its systems work shouldn't remove the danger, just the "gotcha" of trial-and-error learning. 'Even though we try to make things very clear and very explicit,' Anderson says, 'we still want to facilitate people being able to be experimental and feel that they can safely take risks, without giant chunks of their progress being held hostage.'"

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