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Opalum's Flow 1010 TV speakers sport 'minimalist floating' design, get priced at £1,649


We've certainly encountered a fair share of interesting speakers in our time, albeit most of them have had a different focus than Opalum's new Flow 1010s. How so? It's simple, really: these aren't going to be known for their Bluetooth capabilities, oddly-shaped design or even being portable. Instead, Opalum's hoping to take the living room by surprise with its "floating" aesthetics and patented Actisonic and Actiline digital audio tech -- which, apparently, has taken decades of academic research to accomplish and, in the end, offers reverse filtering algorithms alongside state-of-the-art aluminum drivers that allow the Flow 1010 to have "control of the air movement." Now don't let the minimalist looks fool you into thinking these will come cheap, as the starting price point is a whopping £1,649 (around $2,700) -- though, if it makes it any better, that does take into account an included "hub" and an RF touch remote. Be sure to read over the PR below, where you can find out where's the nearest place to snag a set of Flow 1010 speakers for yourself.

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Opalum launches slim line 'floating' speaker – the TV's new best friend

Matching LEDs and Plasmas perfectly, the Flow 1010 promises sharp design and unrivalled sound to bring the living room to life

London, UK, 6th September 2012 - Opalum, a Scandinavian audio company developing sound solutions for modern interiors, today announces the Flow 1010. Boasting stylish Scandinavian design, this minimalist 'floating' speaker uses patented Actisonic® and Actiline® digital audio technology for clear, crisp and natural sound. Its stunning exterior is the perfect partner for the latest LED and plasma screens enabling a non-intrusive and simple but enhanced viewing experience. The addition of a hub and RF touch remote also means other audio devices can be connected for an unprecedented sound experience.

Simplistic but stunning design

Designed by one of Scandinavia's premiere designers, Eva Hanner, the Flow 1010 oozes simplistic design yet striking elegance. It's translucent, acrylic glass front floats just off the wall, perfect for the modern home and seamlessly coordinates with most interiors. No thicker than an LED TV, the speaker is available in high gloss black or white.

Outstanding Sound

Decades of academic research, has lead to the evolution of Opalum's core digital audio technology – Actisonic. The array of ten precision-made aluminium drivers use advanced, inverse filtering algorithms and psychoacoustics, to allow the Flow 1010 to take control of the air movement, creating flawless audio reproduction.

Creating sound unmatched by traditional speaker technology, the Flow 1010's characteristic wave shape is engineered to provide an outstanding depth of sound and superb smooth bass. The speaker's contour firms up the front sound baffle to minimise vibration and channel sound towards the listener. Using a 20W amplifier for the high frequencies and a 60W amplifier for the low frequencies, results in the bi-amplified Flow 1010 providing a powerful 80 watts in each speaker. Using separate Class-D amplifiers for single amplifier,

each frequency band also provides a clearer and less distorted sound than speakers with a single amplifier.

Remaining out of sight while in use, the hub can simply be placed in a cupboard to hide any unsightly cabling.

Pricing and availability

The Flow 1010 speakers are priced at £1,649.

The hub and remote is included in the price of the speakers.

Customers can contact Channel Dynamics for details of their nearest custom installer, 0844 800 0540,

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